Usher them in!
I can be anything at this point.

I reflect on creative crosscurrents that play in visual and audio art. I harness the mechanics of a stimulated mind, to promote free thinking as Ideology to influence students.

As a Musician, Educator, and Artist the attributes that ensue from a conglomeration of culture and ideas that has helped me expand and stimulate my mind. As an Educator my curriculum stems from the influences of these attributes I have acquired when delving into the world of music and art, so I instill in my students that one should always try to expand and create. As a musician I identify myself by homogenizing messages in my music to leave those listening with something to take away. Surrealism and subliminal messages are the basic components of my works. Being able to reach into these three spheres for inspiration is a great benefit to me and those affected.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Maite Josune

But MaiteJosune froze traffic on NW Second Avenue and 23rd Street in Wynwood during the fair with her car-wreck-cum-jungle installation, which she christened "Mind the Snails."

-MIami New Times